On the Issues of Democracy and Bananas

The polarization of politics in the Americas and Europe, the immigration crisis, the global warming crisis, the signs of economic recession all over the world have made people feel that mankind is at a tipping point. As a response to that artists have engaged in narratives that underline the problems brought about by social inequality, the colonial past of the Americas and the aggravation of all problems derived from the capitalist system. This series began as a response to the rise of ultra-right wing movements in the world and mainly in Brazil. Similarly to the US, the political opinion of Brazilians is being informed by a deluge of memes and fake news distributed through Whatsapp, the messaging app owned by Facebook. Lacking information, a large share of the population cannot discern truth from lies. Fiction intersperses with reality and truth and lies cannot be told apart. Presented at a solo show at SPRING/BREAK Art Show NY, 2020.