Perceptual Epic

Large scale video installation developed for the 120 ft wide high resolution video wall at IAC's headquarters, designed by Frank Gehry, in NYC. First presented in an event in March 1st, 2013, it is now part of the permanent rotation at IAC's video wall. Also presented at the Moma PopRally 2012.
The architecture of our everyday is nothing short of epic. Our horizon as well as individual icons are harnessed to express the frenetic, symmetrical and assymetrical beauty of this unique city. A kaleidoscope of manmade wonder, finally at the appropriate scale for NYC.
From the brown housing blocks to the gilded Woolworth, from the refined brownstone to the industrial warehouse, from the low slung dockyards to the crystalline monoliths of downtown NYC’s cultural character and rich history live in these shapes and forms.
A critical matter of where you stand shapes the intimacy you share with the infrastructure. This piece is a study of our collective relationships with New York City